Today’s universities and research institutions face tight budgets and fierce competition. These organizations must improve student performance and retain top students while containing costs and improving research and innovation. The challenges facing colleges, universities, and research institutions are growing and expanding. Tight budgets and evolving institutional and student demands create a need for technology to innovate and do more with less. This knowledge places our consultants in a great position to maximise the benefits of SAP implementation for your institution.

Our solution experts study your business scenarios & priorities and design them with Best Practices and suggest appropriate design which bring the following value proposition:
  • Strategic tool for faculty, staff and students
  • Effective tracking of admissions, registration and academic records for the students
  • Provide accurate student record keeping
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Track and effectively manage faculty work load
  • Single data repository for enterprise wide information
  • Provide effective financial reporting showing the cash flow, receivables and payables
  • Provide self-service applications to empower staff and faculties
  • Enhance student services
  • Improve operational performance
We believe in honoring our “SPOKEN WORD” to the customer